Main features of MBBR bio filter media

Main features of MBBR bio filter media

Jun 20, 2019

The MBBR process combines the advantages of both the conventional fluidized bed and the biological contact oxidation process. It is a new and efficient method for sewage treatment. The aeration and water flow in the aeration tank are used to enhance the carrier and then form a suspension. The growth of activated sludge and the growth of biofilms allow the moving bed biofilm to use the entire reactor space, giving full play to the superiority of both the attached phase and the suspended phase organisms, so that they can be used to avoid weaknesses and complement each other.

Unlike previous fillers, suspended fillers can be frequently contacted with sewage and are referred to as "moving biofilms".

The key of MBBR bio filter media reactor technology is to research and develop bio-filler which is close to water and easy to move freely with water under slight agitation. It has the characteristics of large effective specific surface area, suitable for microbial adsorption and growth, and has strong applicability. It can be used for organic matter removal as well as for nitrogen and phosphorus removal. It can be used in new sewage treatment plants, and can be used for process modification and upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants.