Main role and system cost of tube air diffuser for aquaculture

- Jan 16, 2019-

The tube air diffuser for aquaculture has a simple structure, no clogging of pores, no recirculation of sewage, reliable performance, long service life, uniform circumferential force, high oxygen utilization rate, convenient installation and maintenance, and low system cost.

The tube air diffuser for aquaculture has good chemical stability, good long-term elasticity, no hardening, no embrittlement, no plasticizer, acid and alkali resistance, and no aging. The product has a high oxygen conversion rate and a small bubble diameter for mixing and stirring.

The structure of the self-closing hole is not blocked, and it is easy to install and disassemble, reducing energy consumption.

If the oxygen in the air disappears, the microporous aeration tube will automatically close, it will automatically open and enter the pool. During the sewage treatment process, the water will be prevented from invading the micropores. When the tubular aerator is working in the air under pressure, it can satisfy long-term use or prohibition, and then put into use, will not produce mixed fluid in the micro-hole blockage and reflux.

The channel greatly reduces the resistance loss of the tube aerator, and the same aeration tube design can adjust the working pressure, completely solve the ventilation device, the linear aeration of the hose, the uniform air, and the vertical circulation form, and the mixing is more uniform; Small bubble aeration hoses, different distances and densities can change the aeration efficiency. Variables automatically open and close vulnerabilities and cracks, high oxygen utilization and dynamic efficiency.