Maintenance cost and use process of Screw Press Type Sludge Dewatering

- Mar 03, 2019-

The Screw Press Type Sludge Dewatering is mainly used for high dryness dehydration of various sludges in the process of use. It is widely used in waste slag processing in papermaking, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, municipal, petrochemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. And dehydration of materials in the starch, sugar, brewing, feed and other industries.

The Screw Press Type Sludge Dewatering mainly uses the high-efficiency combination of solid-liquid separation technology and low-speed screw extrusion technology to greatly improve the discharge dryness while reducing the running cost and maintenance cost. The machine is highly automated and can achieve continuous automatic operation under unattended conditions, making it more widely available.

The Screw Press Type Sludge Dewatering is equipped with a filter bag cleaning system for each filter belt, and the system cleans the filter belt when the filter belt returns to the feeding portion after unloading. It can be recycled and can be recycled continuously. In order to save water, the sedimentation tank effluent can be recycled to the filter belt cleaning. The stainless steel fan nozzle is effective in water saving and easy to quickly clear and replace, and the required flushing water pressure is 0.5MPa.