Maintenance method of Fine Bubble Diffuser Membrane

Maintenance method of Fine Bubble Diffuser Membrane

Mar 20, 2020

At present, a lot of wastewater is produced in many manufacturing, production and processing industries, and these wastewater must be treated before it can be discharged.During the treatment of sewage,  fine bubble diffuser aeration devices that will be used.


Although the application of the aerator device is more common now, but many users are still relatively unfamiliar with the maintenance method of this device, the following is the introduction of the maintenance of the device by our professional manufacturers of aerators, hoping to bring you Some help.


Before using the fine bubble diffuser aeration device, all impurities in the pool should be removed to avoid leaving any residue in the pool, which will affect the working effect of the device. After completing the installation operation of the aeration device according to the usage requirements, the user needs to pay attention to the trial operation immediately. When the device is tried out, it must not be installed and used for too long, which will affect the future use of the device.


After the aeration membrane is installed, if it has not been put into use immediately, welding operations in aerobic tanks, paint and other operations that exceed the specifications cannot be performed. These non-compliant operations will affect the aeration device. In some applications, improper processing operation methods may also cause the aeration device to malfunction and the aeration diaphragm to be damaged.