Maintenance points of sludge dewatering screw machine

Maintenance points of sludge dewatering screw machine

Oct 26, 2018

Sludge dewatering screw machine needs to pay attention to its maintenance in daily use. What problems should be paid attention to? First, before the initial start-up, the mud pool and the mud line should be cleaned to prevent stones, cement blocks and other metal objects falling from the construction from entering the crusher or pump.


Usually before starting, you need to open the inlet and outlet valves first, and confirm that the pipeline is in good condition. For the running sludge dewatering screw machine, you should pay attention to whether the bolts are loose, whether the vibration of the pump and pipeline is excessive, and the filling parts. Whether the dripping water is in the normal range, whether the temperature of the bearing and the reducer is too high, and whether there is abnormal noise in each operating part.


It should be noted that there should be no idling during the daily use of the sludge dewatering screw machine. Before the initial use of the pump, the fluid medium or lubricating fluid, such as an aqueous solution of glycerin or diluted water glass, detergent, etc., should be injected into the suction end of the pump to prevent the pump from being in an abrasive state during initial startup.