MBBR biofilm carrier process principle

MBBR biofilm carrier process principle

Jun 15, 2019

MBBR uses the basic principles of the biofilm process to make full use of the advantages of the activated sludge process and overcome the shortcomings of the traditional activated sludge process and the fixed biofilm process.

The method improves the treatment efficiency of the reactor by adding a certain amount of suspension carrier to the reactor to increase the biomass and biological species in the reactor. Since the packing density is close to that of water, it is completely mixed with water during aeration, and the environment in which microorganisms grow is gas, liquid, and solid three phases.

The collision and shearing action of the biofilm carrier in water makes the air bubbles smaller and increases the utilization of oxygen. In addition, each carrier has different biological species inside and outside, some anaerobic or facultative bacteria are grown inside, and the outside is aerobic bacteria, so each carrier is a microreactor, so that both nitrification and denitrification reactions exist simultaneously, thus improving the processing effect.