Mechanical grille installation process and operating requirements

Mechanical grille installation process and operating requirements

Apr 04, 2018

The mechanical grille is a common equipment in the water treatment process, and it will have a great impact on the water treatment effect, so it is necessary to be cautious when installing. For example, mechanical grids should check whether the position and size of each embedded steel plate meet the equipment requirements before lifting.


In order to achieve this, it should be ensured that the two sides of the grid well should be perpendicular to the grid wells, and the verticality tolerance should not exceed 20mm; both sides of the grid wells should be parallel, and the parallelism should not exceed 20mm; two with anchoring feet The plane of the embedded steel plate should be equal to the top platform surface of the grid well.


Then the mechanical grid can be placed in the ditch. After correcting the angle, the underside of the grid support is placed on the foundation, and the side is welded in place with the grid frame. The installation angle must meet the design requirements to ensure the gum cleaning machine. The installation level is less than 1/1000mm, and then tighten the groundnut.


Then remove the mechanical grille safety cover, relax and tighten the sprocket, remove the reducer end chain, energized and test run, see if the reducer steering direction is consistent with the direction of the shoulder shown on the safety cover, is strictly prohibited to reverse. And use the tension sprocket to adjust the tightness of the chain and use the tensioning screw to adjust the tightness of the rake tooth chain.


Finally, don't forget to check whether the gearbox oil of the mechanical grille reaches the oil surface line. If it is insufficient, add No. 46 mechanical oil to the oil surface line. The safety cover is installed and the power supply is switched to no-load operation. There should be no jitter, stuck resistance and abnormal noise. After the no-load test is run, the load is put into operation again.