Operating characteristics of automatic sludge dewatering machine

Operating characteristics of automatic sludge dewatering machine

Jan 17, 2019

Automatic sludge dewatering machine is widely used for sludge dewatering in municipal wastewater, food, beverage and other industries. The equipment is not easy to block, and the unique dynamic and static loop structure makes the equipment not easy to block. It does not need to be cleaned to prevent the blockage of the seams, completely reduce the flushing water consumption, reduce the internal circulation burden, and solves the troubles caused by the blockage of traditional dewatering equipment.

The automatic sludge dewatering machine runs continuously and automatically, has high work efficiency, does not require professional operation, and the equipment runs stably, and the daily maintenance and maintenance is simple, and it can be continuously operated for 24 hours. The equipment adopts an integrated overall design and is compact in design, which greatly saves operating costs.

There is no obvious vibration during the operation of the automatic sludge dewatering machine, and the running noise is small. The body is almost entirely made of stainless steel, and the replacement parts are only the screw shaft and the swimming ring, and the service life is long and durable. The machine itself has a sludge concentration function, directly treats the aerobic sludge in the aeration tank, does not require a concentration and storage unit, and reduces the overall land occupation and construction cost of the sewage treatment equipment.