Operating characteristics of sludge dewatering screw machine

- Feb 23, 2019-

According to the different dewatering raw materials, the sludge dewatering screw machine can improve the dehydration efficiency by heating. When the dehydrated raw material is heated, the inside of the dehydrator screw has a hollow structure, and the dehydrated raw material inside the dehydrator is indirectly heated by the external steam.

Main operating characteristics of sludge dewatering screw machine:

1. The dewatering equipment can be continuously dehydrated, and the supporting equipment before and after the same can be continuously processed, thereby eliminating complicated operation control;

2. The sludge dewatering screw machine has a simple structure, a small rotating speed, and fewer parts to be adjusted and repaired. Moreover, the daily operation is stable, the wearing parts are less, the maintenance is simple, and the maintenance cost is saved;

3, low speed, low noise, no vibration, you can use a simple machine to install the platform.

4. The required power support during the operation of the sludge dewatering screw machine is small, and the daily running cost is low;

5, easy to achieve a closed structure, can easily solve the odor problem and recover the gas generated during dehydration;

6, the structure is simple, compared with other types of dehydrators, the overall cost is low.