Operational requirements and operational requirements of sludge dewatering equipment

- Feb 26, 2019-

Before the operation of the sludge dewatering equipment, it is necessary to confirm whether the sludge pump, the dosing pump and the agglutination tank agitator of the sludge dewatering equipment are rotating in the correct direction, and whether the specified lubricating oil is fully injected. After these work is completed, pay attention to electricity. The operation of the control box. 

1. The electrician should connect the power lines of the sludge pump and dosing pump to their respective positions according to the wiring diagram, and then connect the three-phase power.


2. Close the circuit breakers of the sludge dewatering equipment to confirm whether the circuits are normal and confirm whether the emergency stop switch is lifted.


3. Confirm that the main power supply of the electric control box is connected to the positive phase. Press the drive motor switch to confirm whether the drive roller rotates in the correct direction. (The positive and negative wiring of each motor of this equipment is running)


4. Set the thermal protection relay attached to each motor using the rated current value of the motor.