Overview of specific application of MBBR waste water bio media filter

Overview of specific application of MBBR waste water bio media filter

Nov 28, 2018

The MBBR waste water bio media filter can effectively reduce the volume of the treatment system in the sewage treatment process, and is easy to upgrade on the basis of the existing sewage treatment plant, and at the same time can achieve a good treatment effect. When dealing with high-load sewage, the MBBR process is stable under high load conditions and can be used to treat sewage in multiple stages.

For example, when processing meat processing wastewater, multiple MBBR reactors can be used in conjunction. In comparison, the landfill leachate has complex composition and high organic matter concentration, which is a kind of wastewater that is difficult to treat. The landfill leachate can be treated by MBBR waste water bio media filter process and SBR combined process. The carrier uses polyurethane. And granular activated carbon, the process has physical, chemical and biodegradable effects on the pollutants, and can effectively remove the organic matter, color and turbidity of the landfill leachate.

In summary, the selection of MBBR waste water bio media filter is usually carried out in an economical, efficient and practical way. The chemical properties of the filler surface and the shedding mechanism of the suspended filler are studied in depth, and some functional zones can be manufactured to suit different The required aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms can be grown at the same time, and the characteristics of the easy-hanging membrane and the easy-release membrane can be taken into consideration to meet the requirements of sewage treatment operations.