Performance, Index, Hydraulic Properties, and Classification Requirements for MBBR Bio Media Filter

- May 28, 2018-

The process core of MBBR Bio Media Filter is to some extent a biological carrier and an operation control technology. In the operation, the biological carrier is a material carrier, a biological carrier and an operation control technology, and a biological carrier is a product in which a material science and biology are closely combined. Vectors are dominant bio-selectors, especially in hard-to-degrade wastewaters.

The MBBR Bio Media Filter is mainly used in the MBBR process in the process of using the microbial carrier, and is mainly used to provide a suitable environment for the micro-organism to effectively grow. MBBR Bio Media Filter is a novel bio-active carrier. The production process is mainly based on its scientific formulation. Effectively based on the nature of its wastewater, it incorporates a variety of microelements that are conducive to the rapid attachment and growth of microorganisms. It is modified and constructed by special processes and has a specific surface area. Large, hydrophilic, biological activity, fast filming, good treatment effect, long service life and other advantages.

The discriminant index of MBBR Bio Media Filter

The adhesion capacity of MBBR bio-filler, to some extent, an important indicator to evaluate the merits of the filler Bio-adhesive amount = Protected surface area × Bio-adhesion per surface area (related to the performance of the filler).

MBBR Bio Media Filter Performance

1. Surface structure: It is generally considered that the surface roughness is large and the film deposition speed is high.

2. Surface potential: General microorganisms are negatively charged and the surface of the packing is positively charged for microbial growth.

3. Hydrophilicity: Microorganisms are hydrophilic particles, and the fillers are hydrophilic and suitable for microbial growth.

Hydraulic properties of MBBR Bio Media Filter

1. Porosity: The volume occupied by the filler, the porosity is good.

2. Shape and size: It affects the flow of water and air.

Fluidization properties of MBBR biofiller

MBBR Bio Media Filters are related to the density of the filler. The density of the packing should be 0.97-1.03, and fluidization can be achieved with less aeration or stirring.

Classification of MBBR Bio Media Filter

According to the current different processes of sewage treatment, it is divided into aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic process fillers; and for the high-difficult-to-treat wastewater, individual design of fillers can be performed.

The naked eye judgment of MBBR Bio Media Filter

Biofilms of MBBR Bio Media Filter are evenly distributed on the surface of the carrier. The closer to the surface of the carrier, the denser the MBBR Bio Media Filter is, and the looser the carrier film is, and the darker color of the carrier indicates that the carrier film has entered the mature stage.