Precautions for feeding the screw sludge dewatering machine

Precautions for feeding the screw sludge dewatering machine

Sep 18, 2020

Screw stacking machine, short for screw stacking sludge dewatering machine, is a water treatment system widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects, petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial industries. The actual operation conditions have proved that the spiral sludge dewatering can create considerable economic and social benefits for customers. It is suitable for the sludge of municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding material, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries. Let me introduce the precautions for feeding the screw stacker.

It is suitable for the dewatering of high and low concentration sludge. When the low-concentration (2000mg/L~) sludge is dewatered, there is no need to build thickening tanks and storage tanks, which reduces construction costs and reduces the release of phosphorus and the generation of anaerobic odors.

The screw stacker should be cleared of debris before starting up. In fact, there should be no debris after the equipment is used up, especially in the screw shaft head, equipment groove, filter body, etc., and regular inspections should be done. , Metal is not allowed; check after turning on the machine, carefully observe whether the screw shaft rotates normally, whether the mixing tank mud is stable, whether the rotating parts are operating normally, and whether there are abnormal noises; the screw stacker must be set during operation Reasonable operation and shutdown time, not too long or too short, and complete the entire process as required. The screw stacker machine works for about 6-8 minutes, and the outlet pipe has no water flowing out, and the power supply can be blocked; screw stacker When shutting down, first turn off the sludge feed pump, stop the sludge feeding, turn off the dosing pump, dosing system, stop dosing, empty the flocculation mixing tank, stop the flocculation stirring motor, and wait until all the sludge is exhausted. Drain the filter body for 5 minutes, rinse the equipment clean, and then turn off the power. The above is the summary of the relevant content, if you still don’t understand, please call us.