Precautions for inspection of microporous aerator

Precautions for inspection of microporous aerator

Apr 05, 2020

1. After the equipment is completed, if the system cannot be debugged or operated immediately, the clean water must be injected into the tank, and the water level must be maintained above 1000mm.

Storing water can maintain the aerator from ultraviolet rays, sub-zero temperature and dirt.

At the same time, insist on cleaning the aeration tank to prevent heavy objects, residues, and dirt from entering the tank. This may damage and block the aerator, and paint and welding may also damage the aerator.

2. Please make sure the blower can run normally before debugging the bottom aeration system.

1. The plane position and elevation of the aeration equipment should match

2. The equipment should be fixed firmly. The impact force caused by aeration affects the area within a radius of 3m. Reinforcement measures should be taken for exposed pipes.

3. The contacts of the microporous aerator should be tight, and the root of the pipeline should be strong and no leakage;

4. After the system equipment is completed, the microporous aerator pipe should be purged clean, and the air outlet should not be blocked.

5. The microporous aeration equipment should be used for clear water aeration experiment, and insist on uniform air output.

6. Appearance aeration equipment and lifting adjustment equipment should be active and reliable, and have locking equipment.

7. Approved error of appearance aeration equipment should conform to the following table.