Process Arrangement and Main Characteristics of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

Process Arrangement and Main Characteristics of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

Jun 11, 2018

The K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier is a new kind of micro-organism carrier when it is operated. This is a high-tech patented product. To a certain extent, it adopts its scientific formula, so that the polymer material can be effectively modified through its special process. As well as being constructed, it has the advantages of large surface area, good hydrophilicity, strong impact resistance, easy membrane formation, high biological activity, and good water circulation effect.

Characteristics and working principle of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

1. The K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier, to a certain degree, according to its hydromechanical design geometry and enhanced surface attachment capacity, will have a great deal of engineering flexibility through its special design geometry. The effective surface area of the product, the entire product filler using its polymer materials, effective modified by it, in the use of strong impact resistance; advanced surface treatment technology is more conducive to the growth of microbial attachment, filtration of fish pond water And the cycle provides a strong guarantee.

2. The K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier has a large surface area and has a large surface area of attached biomass during its operation. It provides support for a large number of micro-organisms to attach and grow during use, which is beneficial to various microorganisms and nitrifying bacteria. The growth of beneficial bacteria such as filamentous fungi has provided a space for the biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from circulating water to lay a solid foundation.

3. The K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier does not need brackets to a certain extent, and it is easy to fluidize to a certain extent, so that the proportion of energy consumption can be saved to a certain extent, so that the filler can be in a suspension flow state and the maximum reduction can be achieved. Energy consumption increases the impact and cutting of air bubbles. Under the same conditions, aeration can be reduced by more than 10%.

4. The k1 k3 k5 bio-filling is to a certain extent very simple to maintain and maintain. When it is used, the filter material is generally used for regular cleaning and refurbishment. The new bio-filler is generally not required to participate in the cycle. Cleaning and refurbishment can be repeated when used, with a service life of more than 10 years.


Microscopic examination of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

The structure of biofilm is dense, and the species of microorganisms are diversified. The number of fixed ciliates, bell insects, and larvae are mostly large. A small number of rotifers and swimming ciliates appear to mark the maturation of biofilms.

The main features of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

Special formulas and processing accelerate the filming of fillers.

Process Arrangement of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

1. The effective specific surface area is large and the amount of biological attachment is large.

2. Rely on biofilm treatment to save back sludge.

3. Efficient decarbonization in addition to ammonia nitrogen, improve the quality of effluent; low energy consumption to save space and shorten the process.

4. A continuous gradient of dissolved oxygen is formed inside the carrier to achieve simultaneous nitrification and denitrification and short-range denitrification, which effectively solves the problem of insufficient carbon sources in domestic wastewater plants.

Application advantages of K1 K3 K5 Biofilm Media Carrier

1. Start fast, short cycle of rebuilding and debugging.

2. Large biomass, strong impact load capacity.

3. Save energy, save space, and save investment.

4. Flexible application, aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic section can be.

5. Direct dosing, no need to add new structures.