Rotary mechanical grille working principle and main structure

- Jun 13, 2018-

The rotary mechanical grill is a device that can continuously and automatically remove various kinds of debris in the fluid during the operation, so that it can be used as a device for the main purpose of solid-liquid separation to some extent, and it can be used as a special device. The equipment is widely used in the tap water industry, power plant inlets, and urban sewage treatment industries.

Rotary mechanical grille working principle

When the oscillating tooth chain of the rotary mechanical grille is moved to the upper part of the equipment, it will be guided by the sheaves and the curved rails during the operation, so that relative self-cleaning can be produced between each set of rake teeth to some extent. In exercise, most solid materials fall by gravity. The other part relies on the reverse motion of the cleaner to sweep debris that has stuck to the dents.

In the process of operation, the rotary mechanical grid is similar to the grid in terms of the direction of the water flow. In the operation, the gap of the dental carcass assembled on the jaw shaft can be selected according to the conditions of use. In the process of running, when the dental caries separates the solid suspended solids in the fluid, it can ensure the smooth flow of water. The entire work process is continuous or intermittent.

Main structure of rotary mechanical grille

In the process of manufacturing, the rotary mechanical grating is mainly composed of a cleaning brush mechanism, a drive device, a rake gear mechanism and the like. In operation, a unique dentition tooth is assembled into a set of rotary grating chains. Under the drive of the motor reducer, the rake tooth chain rotates in counter-current direction.

Rotary mechanical grille features

The biggest advantage of the rotary mechanical grill during operation is its high degree of automatic haul, high separation efficiency, and low power consumption. In the process of operation, there is no noise and good corrosion resistance. Unattended situation can guarantee continuous and stable work, to a certain extent, set the overload safety protection device.

Rotary mechanical grid can be adjusted according to user needs to adjust the equipment operating interval, to achieve a periodic operation; can be automatically controlled according to the level difference before and after the grille; and manual control function to facilitate maintenance. Users can choose according to different work needs.