Screw Sludge Press Dewatering Machine for kitchen waste water

Screw Sludge Press Dewatering Machine for kitchen waste water

Dec 01, 2019

The kitchen waste water contains a certain amount of oiliness, and it is generally acidic. Our stacked screw sludge dewatering machine, also called an integrated sludge concentration dewatering machine, is also a good tool for dewatering oily sludge. Let's briefly talk about the  Screw Sludge Press Dewatering Machine used in the dewatering of kitchen wastewater sludge.

Of course, what I want to say here is that although the screw press is a dehydration tool for oily sludge, it is not enough oil. If the oil content is particularly high, you need to pre-treat the oil trap first, and then stack the screw The machine is more suitable for the treatment of sludge with a higher organic content after biochemical, like the kitchen wastewater is generally acidic. The premise of the operation of the stacking screw machine is flocculation of the sludge, so the pH of the sewage needs to be adjusted to a suitable flocculant. The pH value can ensure that the flocculating agent exerts its flocculating effect, so as to achieve the flocculating effect suitable for the processing of the stacking screw machine.

In this way, the pre-treated kitchen waste water, after entering the snail maker, and the flocculation agent produces bean-sized alum flowers that are dehydrated and discharged after the snail maker, which can basically achieve the effect of mud dried water.