Selection of flocculant in the use of sludge dewatering equipment

- Feb 13, 2019-

When using sludge dewatering equipment, it is often necessary to use some flocculant at the same time to further enhance the dewatering effect. When selecting a flocculant, it should first be considered in combination with sludge properties. For sludge with high organic content, the more effective flocculant is cation. The higher the content of organic matter, the higher the degree of polymerization of cationic flocculant.

For inorganic-based sludge, anion can be considered. The difference in sludge properties directly affects the conditioning effect. The scum and residual activated sludge are more difficult to dewater, and the dewatering performance of the mixed sludge is somewhere in between.

The second is the pH of the sludge. When using the sludge dewatering equipment for dewatering, the specific pH of the dewatered sludge should be considered. Otherwise, it is necessary to adjust the pH of the sludge by adding acid or alkali before conditioning the sludge.