Selective capture capacity of plastic Mbbr bio filter media

- Jan 15, 2019-

Selection of plastic Mbbr  bio filter media

The plastic Mbbr  bio filter media needs to consider the content of solid particles in the suspension, the distribution range of the particle size, the influence of the filter medium on the degree of clarification of the filtrate and the filtration rate. In addition, it also involves the selection of filtration equipment, the corrosiveness of the filtrate, and the temperature and pressure of the filtration operation.

Capturing ability of plastic Mbbr  bio filter media for solid particles

This is related to the separation order of the filters. The so-called trapping ability is the smallest particle size that can be trapped. The ability to capture depends on the pore size and distribution of the medium itself. The table below shows the smallest particles that can be captured by various types of filter media.

Permeability of plastic Mbbr  bio filter media

The permeability of the filter media reflects its resistance to filtrate flow, which affects the filter's production strength and filtration thrust-pressure differential. The permeability of the filter media is related to the porosity of the media itself.