Sewage treatment Aeration Tube Diffuser mainstream check function and aeration volume

Sewage treatment Aeration Tube Diffuser mainstream check function and aeration volume

Jun 27, 2018

The wastewater treatment Aeration Tube Diffuser has good stirring performance when used. The entire tube aerator is perforated at 360 degrees and there is no aeration dead zone. The sewage treatment aerator saves the cost of some pipelines to some extent. The project cost is significantly lower than the disc type.

When the Aeration Tube Diffuser for sewage treatment is not aerated, the mud can only be deposited in a very small range in the middle of the pipe surface. To a certain extent, the radian will increase slightly to the side, so that the mud cannot sink on it. When you start again, shake up the mud and stir quickly. Therefore, in the SBR and CASS processes, the tube type has a great advantage.

Sewage treatment Aeration Tube Diffusers require a large amount of aeration, and the surface area of the pool is relatively small. Only the tubular type can meet the requirements. Although the tubular pressure head is larger than the disk type, the oxygen transmission efficiency is slightly lower (EDI products, equivalent water depth and temperature conditions, if the general theory of oxygen transfer efficiency in the water can be selected from 30 to 32%, disc type Up to 33%), but this has been taken into account in the design. By appropriately deploying a number of pipes, it is ensured that the pipes can achieve the same oxygen transfer efficiency as the discs, at least we do so.

The main non-return function of sewage treatment Aeration Tube Diffuser has two major categories

1. A single examination of the diaphragm's closed function check

2. Added check valve, a considerable part of domestic brands adopt this method.

3. It depends mainly on the material of the film and the punching technique. The last is whether it can pass the durability test, and this test is not really genuine.

The principle of the check valve is also very simple. It is the part where the pipeline and the Aeration Diffuser are connected. A glass ball (or steel ball) is placed on the air outlet hole of the pipeline. When the gas is supplied, the gas blows the ball. When the air is not supplied, the glass ball is used. Press the air supply hole under gravity.