Sewage treatment aerator application and principle

Sewage treatment aerator application and principle

Mar 19, 2018

Water pollution has always been an environmental issue throughout the world. People are paying more and more attention to this issue. At present, people's control and treatment of water pollution has gradually entered a higher stage. One of the newer types of treatment equipment, the sewage treatment aerator, has also been gradually applied.


Then, in the process of sewage treatment, what characteristics does the sewage treatment aerator have? Everyone knows that there are many kinds of components in the sewage, so a processing system composed of multiple methods will be required in the process to reach the final required emission standards. According to the method of wastewater treatment, the classification can be divided into physical, chemical, physical and chemical methods and biological methods.


The biological method mainly refers to a method for decomposing degradable organic matters in water by utilizing the metabolism of microorganisms in the sewage. This method has the characteristics of large processing volume, investment saving, and economic reliability, and is also widely used in the world today. A water treatment method. In the case of biological treatment, sewage treatment aerators are often required.


This is because when the biological treatment process treats the sewage, one of them is a method for removing organic matter in the sewage by using an active sludge working body. The aerobic microorganisms present in the activated sludge must work in the presence of oxygen. Therefore, in order to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen supply in the system, it is necessary to rely on a device to complete, that is, sewage treatment aerator.


Through the use of sewage treatment aerators, air and water can be effectively brought into close contact, so that oxygen in the air can be dissolved in water, or unwanted gases and volatile substances in the water can be exiled to the air. This will provide a good foundation for the next biological wastewater treatment. Because of this, sewage treatment aerators have been widely used in wastewater treatment.