Sewage treatment mechanical grille function and application settings

- Apr 25, 2018-

Sewage treatment mechanical grids are often installed and used in various sewage treatment projects to prevent the direct discharge of sewage to the outside, thus causing environmental pollution. In order to speed up the efficiency of the sewage treatment machinery grid, a large amount of sewage solid-liquid separation operation in a shorter time, whether it is the choice of equipment or its installation and use are very important.

Using a sewage treatment mechanical grille, it can be installed into a grid application to ensure work efficiency; also, the impurities that separate contaminated water are cleaned through the power grid to prevent contaminants from continuing to exist in the water, through the water treatment of the sewage treatment mechanical grille Other workflows provide convenient conditions.

Before installing the sewage treatment machinery grid, you can also customize the sewage according to the size and quantity of the sewage to determine the specifications of the sewage and the composition of the standard, so that you can make the application more equipment to meet the needs of the application. In practical applications, since many components deposit impurities at the bottom, in order to obtain a better solid-liquid separation effect, the use of grid sewage treatment can better solve these problems.

The specific method is to determine the sewage treatment mechanical grid according to the pump's conveying capacity. Under normal circumstances, the relationship between the two should be established in a fine mechanical network sewage treatment system. A fine grid-shaped sewage treatment is set in front of a pump. Mechanical grille.

If the groove depth of the sewage treatment mechanical grating exceeds 700 meters, a wire-type mechanical grating can be used; if the depth is less than or equal to 2 meters, an arc grid can be used; it should be noted that the width of the single sewage treatment mechanical grating is generally Not to exceed, height can be higher than normal 1m.