Sludge dewatering machine in sewage sludge removal significant effect

Sludge dewatering machine in sewage sludge removal significant effect

Mar 07, 2018

Stack screw sludge dewatering machine is a typical sludge dewatering equipment, after continuous improvement has been rapid development and popularization, because the stack screw dewatering machine with easy separation of mud and not blocked characteristics, It has been successfully applied in sewage treatment, can effectively sewage sludge.


Sludge dewatering machine is the use of screw extrusion principle, the sludge concentration and pressure filtration dewatering completed in a barrel, sludge into the filter, the screw shaft rotating fixed ring; at the same time swimming ring relative swimming Squeeze, the filtrate from the lamination gap rapid outflow, to achieve rapid concentration.


As the sewage desilting screw shaft kept moving forward, the sludge moved to the dewatering zone. With the gradual reduction of the filtration and pitch, the space inside the filtration chamber kept shrinking and the pressure inside the sludge continued to increase. Back pressure plate blocking effect, to achieve dehydration, mud cake formed after dehydration.


Because the laminaria sludge dewatering machine uses the fixed ring to take the substitution filter cloth, it can make the movable plate stagger relative to the fixed plate under the rotation of the screw shaft, thus realizing the continuous self-cleaning process and avoiding the traditional dehydration Ubiquitous jamming problems.


Compared with other types of dehydration machine, Stuck sludge dewatering machine anti-oil capacity is very strong, easy to separate mud, clean environment, odorless, no secondary pollution, so the viscosity of the sludge for the petrochemical industry dehydration and then suitable However. It can make the dewatering and sludge concentration in one, to achieve a small amount of flushing water, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance and other goals.