Sludge dewatering machine operation management principle

Sludge dewatering machine operation management principle

Jun 18, 2019

1. The sludge dewatering machine's treatment capacity is controlled within an appropriate range, combined with sludge flow rate, flocculant flow rate and differential degree to avoid overloading the system due to sudden load increase, causing frequent system fluctuations and affecting treatment effects. Achieve greater processing efficiency of the device;


2. The sludge concentration should be adjusted in time to adjust the flocculant flow rate and differential speed. It is necessary to ensure the treatment effect and avoid waste; the sludge flow rate increases or the sludge concentration increases, the flocculant flow rate increases, and the differential speed increases accordingly; The sludge flow rate decreases or the sludge concentration decreases, the flocculant flow rate is reduced, and the differential speed is reduced accordingly;


3. Flocculant is not the best, only the most suitable, flocculant type and consumption depends on the matching of the quality of the agent and the nature of the sludge, and also depends on the type of equipment structure and operating conditions, only the three get the most The best combination of operation can achieve the best treatment effect and the highest processing efficiency with the lowest flocculant consumption.


4. Mud cracker performance should be combined with torque data to determine the optimal range of differential speed values. In principle, use lower differential degrees to achieve better treatment and save flocculation without causing centrifuge blockage and processing capacity. Agent consumption.


5. Frequently check the dewatering effect of the dehydrator. If the separation liquid (or filtrate) is found to be turbid and the solids return rate is reduced, the cause should be analyzed in time, and measures should be taken to solve it.


6. The sludge dewatering effect is often observed. If the solid content of the mud cake is reduced, the analysis should be based on measures.


7. Observe the operation status of the sludge dewatering device frequently. Take corrective measures to ensure normal operation for abnormal phenomena.


8. The flushing time of the dehydrator should be ensured every day. When the dehydrator is listening to the machine, the inside and the whole body of the machine should be rinsed thoroughly to ensure cleanness and reduce bad smell. It is very difficult to rinse after the mud is dry.


9. According to the requirements of the dewatering machine, always observe and maintain the machine. Always check the dehydrator for wear and replace it if necessary. Timely detection of damage to the filter belt by the sand in the mud in the mud of the dewatering machine should be promptly replaced when the damage is serious.