Sludge dewatering machine workflow

Sludge dewatering machine workflow

Jul 20, 2018

Usually, in the process of treating sewage, a large amount of sludge is generated. If these sludges are not treated, they will directly cause secondary pollution to water bodies and the atmosphere, which will also pose a serious threat to the ecological environment and human activities. Therefore, the selection of sludge dewatering machine is very important.


Usually, in the process of sludge dewatering machine treatment, the sludge in the sludge tank is first transported to the metering tank by the sludge transfer pump, and the amount of mud is adjusted by adjusting the liquid level adjusting tube in the metering tank. The sludge is returned to the sludge tank through a return pipe. The sludge and flocculant are mixed in a flocculation mixing tank by a mixer to form a scented flower. The ideal diameter of the scorpion is about 5 mm.


Next, a large amount of filtrate contained in the sludge is discharged under the action of gravity concentration. The concentrated sludge continues to advance in the direction in which the screw shaft rotates, and is sufficiently dehydrated under the action of the internal pressure formed by the back pressure plate. The dehydrated mud cake is discharged from the gap formed by the back pressure plate and the spiral body. The user adjusts the sludge treatment amount and the moisture content of the mud cake by adjusting the rotation speed of the screw shaft of the sludge dewatering machine and the gap of the back pressure plate.