Sludge Dewatering Screw Press machine can do raw water treatment

Sludge Dewatering Screw Press machine can do raw water treatment

Nov 26, 2019

Raw water This raw water refers to the water that we have not yet started to process. This is generally a measure of the amount of water in the entire water plant. The raw water of the water plant is taken from the surface water of the reservoir or deep well water. The supply of this water depends on the number of users. It is calculated by the average value of the usual amount of use. This value is the amount of raw water we want to process. Of course, the sewage plant is even easier to calculate. For a domestic sewage plant, it depends on the water supply of the community to take a larger value to determine the sewage plant. The amount of raw water, industrial waste water or other water depends on the amount of water required for domestic and production water, which is the amount of sewage. Why the concept of so much raw water today is talking about the  Sludge Dewatering Screw Press machine for raw water treatment.

Raw water is generally thin in concentration. This general filter press cannot do it. Like plate and frame filter presses and belt filter presses, they can only treat concentrated sludge. Unlike stacking screw machines, he can handle low concentration sludge. This is one reason why raw water can be treated.

Raw water is very thin and obviously not very suitable, but some raw water is not so thin, and the flocculation effect is very good, so that we can use sludge dewatering screw press processing, screw press machine has two stages of concentration and dehydration, so it is very easy to handle.