Sludge treatment equipment to handle sludge from pharmaceutical plants

Sludge treatment equipment to handle sludge from pharmaceutical plants

Jul 25, 2018

A large amount of wastewater is produced in the pharmaceutical process, and a large amount of sludge that is difficult to handle is produced during the process of treating the wastewater. Even after concentration and digestion treatment, the water content is still as high as 96%, the volume is large, and it is difficult to dispose of the treatment. The sludge treatment equipment must be used for dehydration treatment to improve the solid content of the mud cake to reduce the sludge accumulation. Area.


Before choosing sludge treatment equipment, we need to understand the main components of these sludges, usually including antibiotic sludge, synthetic drug sludge, proprietary Chinese medicine and formulation sludge. Among them, the concentration of organic matter in the antibiotic sludge is high, and the residual antibiotic has an inhibitory effect on the microorganism; the COD content in the synthetic drug sludge is extremely high, and the heavy metal content is large.


In response to such processing requirements, we usually use sludge treatment equipment to temper the sludge first, then dehydrate it, and form a mud cake with low moisture content according to customer demand. Under normal circumstances, after treatment with sludge treatment equipment, the pharmaceutical sludge can be dehydrated to a volume less than one tenth of the original sludge, achieving significant reduction.