Stacked screw sludge dewatering machine compared with centrifugal dewatering machine

- Mar 24, 2018-

In recent years, some refineries have gradually introduced stacked screw dewatering machines in sludge treatment.The actual operation monitoring of a large-scale oil refinery in China compared with the original centrifugal dewatering machine.Stacked screw dewatering machine has the advantages of low noise, simple operation, stable operation and energy saving.Its successful application fully proves its high application value in the "three muds" treatment of oil refineries.You can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection on the premise of guaranteeing the treatment effect.



(1) Stacked screw dewatering machine and centrifugal dewatering machine are all suitable for the dewatering treatment of oily sludge (the main component is scum) and the remaining activated sludge.

However, the former is not suitable for the dewatering of sludges containing larger hardness particles, especially those containing a large amount of gravel and large metal materials.

(2) Centrifugal dewatering machines rely mainly on the centrifugal force generated by the high rotation speed of the drum to separate the slurry.

The stacked screw dewatering machine mainly relies on screw extrusion to achieve sludge dewatering.

The difference in the principle of operation between the two factors determines that the operating cost of stacked screw dewatering machines in sludge treatment is significantly lower than that of centrifugal dehydrators.

(3) Stacked screw dewatering machine adopts a fully enclosed box body, and there is a odor gas processing interface reserved on the box body, which can effectively reduce the pollution of the odor gas in the sludge to the surrounding working environment.

(4) The treatment effect of the two kinds of sludge dewatering machines is basically the same, compared with the centrifugal dehydration machines,

Stacked screw dewatering machine filtered liquid ss concentration is slightly lower, the effect is slightly better.

(5) After the oily sludge of the oil refinery is dehydrated, the filtered oil contains large amounts of oil.The main component is emulsified oil. Discharging directly into the wastewater treatment system may have an impact on the entire system and needs to be treated with caution.