Structural Features and Applications of rotary mechanical bar screen

- Aug 04, 2018-

Structurally speaking, one of the core components that make up the rotary mechanical bar screen is the horizontal screen cylinder. The part is specially made of strip welded stainless steel screen. The grid joint is parallel to the axis and has a wedge shape. It has high mechanical strength and no deformation. Significant features such as no rupture and not easy to block. The rotary mechanical grille has a backwash system to ensure that the screen cylinder is not blocked.


In practical applications, when the water flows into the inner surface of the sieve cylinder of the rotary mechanical grid, a relative shearing motion is formed, the solid matter is easily trapped, and the retained solid matter has small adhesion, is automatically removed, and the sharing efficiency is high. The solid matter is concentrated and discharged, and the water content is low. The transmission components of the machine are not in contact with water, are not easily corroded, and are stable and reliable in operation and have a long service life.


Not only that, the rotary mechanical bar screen is stable in performance, safe to use, and has a high level of automation. At present, the rotary mechanical grille can be used in the industrial wastewater treatment of papermaking, slaughtering, leather, etc., to remove solid materials such as suspended matter, floating matter, sediment, and the like, and to recover useful materials such as fibers and slag. In addition, the machine is also suitable for replacing the primary sedimentation tank in urban sewage treatment.