Surface properties and application advantages of MBBR Waste Water Bio Media Filter

- Feb 28, 2019-

The MBBR Waste Water Bio Media Filter material is specially formulated and processed during operation. It accelerates the filler film. When it is running, its effective specific surface area is large, and its bio-attachment amount is large. By relying on biofilm treatment, sludge dewatering can be efficiently removed. Ammonia nitrogen improves water quality; low energy consumption saves land and shortens process flow.

Application advantages of MBBR Waste Water Bio Media Filter

1. Start fast, the transformation and debugging cycle is short.

2. Large biomass and strong impact load resistance.

3. Save energy, save land and save investment.

4. Flexible application, aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic sections.

5. Directly add, no need to add new structures:

6. It is especially suitable for the upgrading of sewage treatment plants, deep denitrification treatment.

Surface properties of MBBR Waste Water Bio Media Filter

1. Surface structure: It is generally considered that the surface roughness is large and the film speed is fast.

2, surface potential: the general microbes have a negative charge, the surface of the filler is a positive charge suitable for microbial growth.

3. Hydrophilicity: The microorganisms are hydrophilic particles, and the filler is hydrophilic and suitable for microbial growth.

Hydraulic performance

1. Porosity: The volume occupied by the filler has a high porosity.

2, shape size: affect the flow of water, air flow.