Surface properties and growth environment of MBBR biofilm carrier

Surface properties and growth environment of MBBR biofilm carrier

Jun 24, 2019

MBBR biofilm carrier is mainly used to provide a suitable growth environment for microorganisms in the process of use. Its MBBR biofilm carrier adopts scientific formula. According to different nature of sewage, a variety of fusion in polymer materials is beneficial to rapid microbial adhesion. The trace elements grown are specially modified and constructed, and have the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity, high biological activity, fast film hanging, good treatment effect and long service life.

MBBR biofilm carrier is a product of precise combination of materials science and biology. Bio-carrier is a superior bio-selector, especially in refractory wastewater. Biofilm adhesion ability - an important indicator for evaluating the pros and cons of filler = Protected surface area (related to the design of the packing) x Bioadhesive per unit surface area (related to the performance of the packing).

MBBR biofilm carrier surface properties

1. Surface structure: It is generally considered that the surface roughness is large and the film speed is fast.

2, surface potential: the general microbes have a negative charge, the surface of the filler is a positive charge suitable for microbial growth.

3. Hydrophilicity: The microorganisms are hydrophilic particles, and the filler is hydrophilic and suitable for microbial