Technical Advantages and Applicable Range of Epdm Tube Aeration

- May 26, 2018-

The Epdm Tube Aeration is an essential equipment for wastewater oxygenation during the process of use. The membrane material of the Epdm tube aerator is mainly Epdm rubber membrane. During the process of production, it effectively absorbs the foreign On the basis of the advantages of many similar products, the new oxygen aeration device that has been successfully developed has been effective in the operation of various parts of the pool, providing uniform oxygen, high oxygen utilization, and low energy consumption.

Epdm tube aerator system composition material

The aeration diaphragm is made of EPDM rubber, silicone rubber, and suspension ventilation hose is a high-strength PVC pipe,

The float tube is an anti-UV hard wall flexible (PE) tube.

Epdm tube aerator technical advantages

1. The Epdm tube aerator has a long service life, and can reach 5-8 years to a certain extent. This can solve the shortcomings of short life of similar equipment.

2. The Epdm pipe aerator is made of anti-corrosion materials during production, and it has strong anti-collision ability and is not easy to be damaged. This can prevent large-scale sediment deposition to a certain extent, and can remove part of organic matter, which is exposed when aerated. The gas generator swings left and right to remove sludge from the bottom of the tank and avoid dead zones.

Epdm tube aerator has high oxygen efficiency, high power efficiency, large service area, and low energy consumption. If aeration is required, the amount of gas can be increased or decreased, and the aerator can also be increased or decreased without affecting normal operation.

3. Installation, maintenance, no need to discharge water, no need for any configuration in the tank, no need to discharge water under the same conditions of the original use of the blast aeration of the inlet pipe can be directly replaced by the hanging chain aerator.

Application of Epdm tube aerator


1. The Epdm tube aerator is a new type of energy-saving aeration equipment in the industrial wastewater treatment and biochemical treatment projects for urban life such as printing and dyeing, slaughtering, brewing, petrochemical, textile, oil refining, pharmaceuticals, and tanning.

2. When the efficiency of the running aerator is low or the clogging is inconvenient, maintenance can be carried out by using a hanging chain aerator to increase the aeration capacity and stirring effect.

3. Pre-aeration for septic tanks to prevent sedimentation of large particles and remove some organic matter.