Technical principle and effect of powder dosing device

Technical principle and effect of powder dosing device

Oct 06, 2018

The powder dosing device is mainly used in the water plant to improve the water quality. The machine is convenient in operation, obvious in processing effect, low in investment and low operating cost, and is especially suitable for sudden, intermittent water plants. The water quality after treatment can reach a higher standard.


The powder dosing device is an independent and complete dosing device based on the theory of activated carbon suspension adsorption technology, so the system does not need to be stirred, and the pump is added. When we save the cost, we can avoid the blockage and wear of the pump and solve the wetness. The pump and pipe blockages occur.


The powder dosing device adopts the jet principle, the uniformity of mixing is very good, energy saving and environmental protection; at the same time, the use efficiency of the powder medicament is also improved, the cost is increased by about 2-3 times, the cost is saved and the resource utilization rate is increased; Reduce the time and cost of infrastructure in wet processes.


In the relevant water treatment process of the factory, water purification plant, etc., after the powder activated carbon is added by the powder dosing device, a considerable part of the organic matter of the water body is removed, the content of the gelatinous substance in the water body is reduced, and the surface viscosity is decreased. Adsorption of powdered activated carbon on floc is beneficial to the bridging of flocs, which can improve the structure of flocs. It has good ability to remove organic pollution and has good coagulation for water bodies with low turbidity and serious pollution. The role of the effluent water quality has been greatly improved.