The advantages of Biological Treatment Combined Fillings and its application in biochemical pool

- Apr 26, 2018-

As a filler product, the Biological Treatment Combined Fillings mainly use a plastic ring as a skeleton, and at the same time, the vinylon fiber is loaded, and the vinylon fiber is fastened on the plastic ring. Compared with other fillers, the biological treatment composite filler shows uniform distribution of the tow, easy to produce membranes, change membranes, and has good adaptability to the sewage dope and high oxygen utilization.


Since the advantage of the Biological Treatment Combined Fillings are so obvious, it is bound to meet the series of conditions for the selection of packing materials for the raw sewage treatment biochemical pool. The sewage treatment biochemical pool mainly uses microorganisms to degrade the COD in the sewage, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, impact resistance load, and convenient operation and management. Regardless of whether it is applied to the treatment of industrial wastewater or aquaculture wastewater or domestic sewage, good economic benefits have been achieved.


The selection of biological fillings in biochemical pools is strictly required, and the combination of biological treatment fillers is developed on the basis of soft fillers and semi-soft fillers. The combined fillings have both advantages. It includes many parts such as fiber bundles, plastic rings, sleeves, and center ropes. Its structure is also very unique.


The Biological Treatment Combined Fillings is that the plastic ring pressing buckle is changed into a double ring large plastic ring, and the aldehyde fiber or the polyester fiber is pressed on the ring ring so that the fiber bundle is evenly distributed; the inner ring is a snowflake-shaped plastic branch, which can Hanging the membrane can effectively cut the bubbles and increase the oxygen transfer rate and utilization. The water vapor biofilm is fully exchanged, so that the organic matter in the water is treated efficiently.


Not only that, the Biological Treatment Combined Fillings also has good properties of filming, and the specifications are various. The diameter of the biological treatment combined packing unit is Φ150mm, Φ160mm, Φ180mm, Φ200mm, and the spacing has different specifications such as 80mm and 100mm.