The Application Range and Application Characteristics of MBBR Biofilm Carrier

- Jun 29, 2018-

The MBBR biofilm carrier is, to a certain extent, a macro-voided polymer material, which is mainly formed by modifying a material having surface activity such as activated carbon, etc. on the material. The adsorption area is as small as 20000 m2/m3 so that the material has the following characteristics during use.

1. The MBBR biofilm carrier can rapidly form a highly active biofilm, and the microbial flora can rapidly reproduce on its surface.

2. Can effectively absorb and degrade toxic substances.

3. Significantly improve the treatment efficiency and the stability of the reaction cell.

4. The production of activated sludge is significantly reduced.

Biofilms on MBBR biofilm carriers are more resistant to changes in their harmful substances, pH, and temperature fluctuations, and the survival time of biofilms attached to carriers on microorganisms suspended in water is significantly increased.

Application of MBBR Biofilm Carriers

The biochemical treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage under anaerobic and aerobic conditions is particularly effective in the removal of ammonia nitrogen/total nitrogen and hard-to-degrade pollutants, and significantly improves the treatment volume, speed, and stability of biological treatment.

The amount of sludge is significantly reduced.