The automatic dosing device is flexible and simple to operate

The automatic dosing device is flexible and simple to operate

Aug 15, 2020

The automatic dosing device is mainly composed of a dosing device, a dissolving device, a water supply system and a control system, and the operation of the automatic dosing device is flexible.

Working principle:

The automatic dosing device is a device for continuous preparation and dosing of polymer solutions. It continuously and effectively completes the compounding and mixing of polymers according to the required concentration of medicament to obtain a homogeneous active polymer solution. The drug delivery pump is used to deliver the solution configured in the drug delivery point or designated system. Mainly used in municipal water treatment, sewage plants and other occasions where polymer solutions are used.


This process is divided into the following steps:


1. Add enough dry powder in the hopper. The dry powder in the hopper will be transported to the pre-soaking device from the dry speculation. At the same time, the solenoid valve of the water inlet pipe is opened. After the dry powder is soaked in the pre-soaking device, it flows to the mixing tank by gravity for stirring and mixing.

2. After a certain period of effective and gentle low-speed stirring, the drug solution can meet the requirements of homogeneity, maturity and activity.

3. When the solution storage tank is filled with the medicine solution, the liquid level switch sends out a signal, and the dry speculation and the solenoid valve are automatically closed.

4. Start the medicine pump and open the solenoid valve at the same time to put the medicine liquid into the required equipment;

5. When the liquid level in the solution storage tank reaches the set low level, the liquid level switch will send a signal, and the device will automatically repeat the above steps to ensure that there is enough liquid in the solution storage tank.


Key composition

It is mainly composed of dosing device, dissolving device, water supply system and control system:


Dosing equipment

It is composed of stainless steel hopper, screw conveyor, electric heater, etc.


(1) Reasonable volume of stainless steel silo: 60L, long-term application can be considered. The silo has a sight glass, which can be observed manually. And the material level meter can automatically monitor the material level, and at the same time it will send out a signal alarm.


(2) The screw conveyor is composed of a high-precision screw drive of a worm gear screw reducer. Fei reducer has the characteristics of light weight, stable operation and high efficiency. The high-precision screw can fully meet the user's usage.


(3) The electric heater is installed in the discharge pipe of the conveyor, which can prevent the dry powder in the discharge pipe from being damp and agglomerated to block the discharge pipe.


Dissolving device


Usually composed of a pre-soaking device, a stainless steel tank and two mixers.


(1) The pre-wetting device uses a stainless steel cyclone, and the water flows tangentially, forming a swirling water curtain in the cyclone, pre-wetting and mixing the dry powder, and entering the pre-mixing box.


(2) The stainless steel tank has a three-tank structure, which is a prefabricated mixing tank, a homogeneous maturation tank, and a liquid medicine storage tank. A partition board and an overflow weir are arranged along the slots. In the process of liquid medicine configuration, the liquid medicine must flow from the upper part of the overflow weir plate at the bottom of the partition into the lower groove to avoid short biological flow into the mature medicine. The tank body is a fully enclosed structure, with a stainless steel cover with a handle on the top. Persistently set a built-in overflow pipe in the prefabricated component mixing tank to avoid liquid overflow in the tank when the level gauge exceeds the set low position (common fault). The bottoms of the three tanks are equipped with a medicine discharge pipe and a manual ball valve, and the three medicine discharge pipe ports are connected, one end is used as a medicine injection pipe, and the other end is used as a vent pipe.


(3) Two stirring devices are installed in the prefabricated mixing box and the centrifugal separation dry solid box. The stirring device has a unique structure and a moderate rotation rate, which can ensure the uniformity of the aqueous solution without destroying the polymer molecular structure chain.

The above is the content of the related issues of automatic dosing. I hope everyone understands!