The basic principles to be followed in the use of Lamella Tube Settler Media

- May 23, 2018-

Lamella Tube Settler Media is a very important filler in sewage treatment. With its retaining effect, it can remove most of the suspended matter in the sewage, thus achieving the purpose of purifying water quality. Then, how to use the Lamella Tube Settler Media in the water treatment, and where should it be used in the use process?


When the sewage is treated with flocculants, a large number of flocculent-like objects will appear in the water. This part of the suspended matter will require further treatment. At this time, Lamella Tube Settler Media is needed, and its trapping effect can remnant. Suspended material is completely removed.


Lamella Tube Settler Media is composed of a piece of sloping plate. It needs to be installed and installed properly before it can exert its best effect. For example, in the water treatment, the spacing between the inclined plates of the honeycomb inclined tube packing is generally not less than 50 mm, and the length of the inclined plate is generally about 1.0-1.2 m, so that the best decontamination effect is ensured.


When operating the Lamella Tube Settler Media in water, it is necessary to consider that there should be a water depth of 0.5-1.0 m above the inclined pipe packing, and the bottom buffer layer should also have a depth of about 1 m. The sloping plate is the wastewater distribution area. The general height is not less than 0.5m. The lower part of the water distribution area is the sludge area.


Honeycomb slanting pipe sedimentation tank effluent generally uses multiple rows of holes to collect water, and holes are located 2cm below the water surface to prevent floating debris from being carried away by the water flow. In the process of using Lamella Tube Settler Media, there are many problems that need attention. These factors not only need to consider the quality of the inclined tube packing itself, but also should consider the quality of the influent water, so we must choose the regular manufacturers. The product, at the same time, can make the use of suitable honeycomb inclined tube packing solution, so that the packing can be used in water treatment to exert the best effect.