The function and important role of Sewage Treatment Air Diffuser

- Mar 02, 2019-

Sewage Treatment Air Diffuser function

1. Increase dissolved oxygen in water to provide oxygen to water treatment microorganisms.

2. Increase dissolved oxygen in water to provide oxidant oxygen for de-ironing.

3. Increase the air content in the water. During the decompression process, the bubbles form on the surface of the oil impurities, and float them up for separation and removal.

4. Pretreatment, increase the oxygen content in the water, prevent the water from rancid, form a certain agitation effect on the water, and prevent the deposition of substances in the water.


The Sewage Treatment Air Diffuser is a means of making the air and water in strong contact during operation, the purpose of which is to dissolve oxygen in the air or to exhale unwanted gases and volatile substances in the water into the air. In other words, it is a means of promoting the exchange of matter between gas and liquid. It also has other important functions such as mixing and agitation.


The Sewage Treatment Air Diffuser will have a pressure gradient and a concentration gradient under certain conditions. If the concentration of oxygen in the liquid film is lower than the saturated concentration of oxygen in the water, the oxygen in the air continues to diffuse inward through the liquid film into the water body, and thus the liquid film and the gas film will become obstacles to oxygen transmission. This is the double membrane theory.