The main advantages of k1 biological filter media

The main advantages of k1 biological filter media

Jul 30, 2018

K1 biological filter media is a new type of microbial carrier with advanced technology, scientific formula and modified by special process. The k1 biological filter media has the advantages of large surface area, good hydrophilicity, strong impact resistance, easy membrane hanging, high biological activity and good water treatment cycle effect.


From the aspect of its structural characteristics, the k1 biological filter media is designed according to the hydrodynamics, which effectively enhances the surface adhesion ability. The medium has a large effective specific surface area due to its special geometry. The filler is made of polymer material and is modified to have strong impact resistance. In addition, advanced surface treatment technology is more conducive to the growth of microbes, providing a strong guarantee for the filtration and circulation of fish pond water.


It is precisely because of the relatively large surface area of the k1 biofilter media that it provides good growth support for large amounts of microbial attachment. The k1 biological filter media is conducive to the space required for the growth of various microorganisms and nitrifying bacteria, EM bacteria, filamentous bacteria and other beneficial bacteria, and also lays a solid foundation for biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal of circulating water.