The main characteristics and technical core of active bio filter media

- May 21, 2018-

The active bio filter media is a biologically active carrier in the process of its use. In the production process, its scientific formula is mainly adopted. When the bio-filler is used, the bio filter media is effective in the polymer material according to the nature of the sewage. It integrates a variety of microelements that are conducive to the rapid attachment of microorganisms, and is modified and constructed by a special process. It has the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity, high biological activity, fast film formation, good treatment effect, and long service life. .

The active bio filter media mainly adopts its special formula and processing during operation, and can accelerate the filming of the filler when it is used. The entire product mainly adopts the geometrical configuration of fluid mechanics design and is a new type when used. Biologically active carrier.

The main features of active bio filter media

1. The active bio filter is used to a certain extent mainly by its special formulation and processing, so that it can accelerate the filming of the filler.

2. The active bio filter media has a large effective surface area and has a large amount of bio-adhesion when used.

3. The active bio filter can rely on bio-film treatment to a certain extent, to a certain extent can save the sludge backflow.

4. The low energy consumption of active bio filter saves space and shortens the process flow.

The technical core of active bio filter media

The active bio filter is designed according to its hydrodynamic design geometry and to a certain extent, strengthen its surface adhesion, the filler has a large specific surface area, a large amount of attached biomass, no bracket, easy fluidization, saving energy, saving Ground. By increasing the filling rate to increase processing capacity and effectiveness, there is no need to add new structures.


When the active bio filter media is operated, its sewage will effectively pass through its carrier reactor. When it is used, microorganisms in the water will continuously adhere and grow on the internal and external surfaces of the carrier to form a bio-film. The carrier is allowed to rotate freely under the tumbling of the mixture in the reactor, and the biofilm is fully contacted with the contaminants in the water body and decomposed, so that the water quality is purified. The turning of the mixture and the movement of the carrier are achieved by aerobic aeration or anaerobic stirring.