The main part of the stainless steel stacked sludge dewatering press and its advantages

The main part of the stainless steel stacked sludge dewatering press and its advantages

Dec 25, 2018

The stainless steel sludge sludge dewatering press is effective in carrying out its gravity dewatering portion, dewatering portion, driving portion, filter belt correcting device, cleaning device, transmission device, control portion, and water supporting portion.

1. Gravity dewatering part. The material is thoroughly stirred with the drug in a concentration tank and delivered to the drum. A part of the water can be taken off due to its own gravity plus the running drum.

2. Dehydrated part. After the material is pre-concentrated, it enters the dewatering section, and the material is extruded by a closely packed rubber roller using a mesh belt. Thereby achieving the purpose of further dehydration.

3. Drive the part. The product adopts the combination of cycloidal pin wheel and electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which has strong power.

4. Filter belt correction device. It consists of a correcting roller and a correction cylinder, a pressure regulating gauge, and a correcting valve. A circuit is used to transmit signals.

5. Cleaning the device. The cleaning device consists of pressure from the flushing tube and the water retaining rubber. And the nozzle is composed. The pressure pump can be switched on continuously.

6. Transmission. It consists of a filter belt, a pre-dewatering roller, a low-pressure roller, an "S" roller and a high-pressure roller. When working, drive the filter belt to run.

7. Control section. It consists of an electric control cabinet, a gas control cabinet, and wires and gas lines.

8. Support the water section. It consists of upper and lower water collecting trays and drainage pipes.