The operating characteristics of the pond disc air diffuser

The operating characteristics of the pond disc air diffuser

Mar 21, 2018

During the operation of the pond disc air diffuser, the water in the pond can be fully agitated and aerated so that the activated sludge can be in a good suspension state. In addition, the aeration of the pond aerator can provide aerobic microbial oxygen, ensure the normal growth and reproduction of microorganisms, so that the organic matter in the water is adsorbed by activated sludge, oxidized and decomposed to eliminate black and odor phenomenon.


It can also effectively balance the ecosystem in the pond and improve the water environment. Therefore, pond disc air diffuser can be used to aerate the aeration of oxygen in the surface, middle and bottom layers of the water body, and can promote continuous circulation of the water flow. In this way, organic matter, microorganisms, and oxygen can also be thoroughly mixed and contacted, and the concentration of organic matter can quickly be reduced to a minimum value by dilution, and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) can be efficiently removed.


In fact, the pond disc air diffuser can also promote the accelerated circulation of the water during the operation in the water, and can remove organics that have been put on the water for a long time and will not be corrupted. At the same time, it can also play the role of pre-aeration, deodorization, prevention of anaerobic decomposition of sewage, defoaming, and acceleration of separation of oil in sewage.


The pond disc air diffuser has a corrosion-resistant design as a whole, which ensures long-term use. And its installation is relatively simple, light weight, suction pipe can be adjusted up and down, water seal using dual mechanical shaft seal. The device has a compact design, high oxygenation efficiency, low noise, low failure rate, energy saving, low consumption, and environmental protection.


In general, the pond disc air diffuser has a good water circulation function and can very well improve the water quality in the pond. The air diffuser can also increase the dissolved oxygen in the water in a relatively short period of time, and effectively reduce the pollution index of organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in the water.