Three categories of MBBR bio filter media

Three categories of MBBR bio filter media

Jan 24, 2019

MBBR bio filter media is a new type of bioactive carrier. Because it is made of scientific formula, it has more obvious advantages than other similar products in practical applications. MBBR bio filter media is specially modified and constructed by special process. It has the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity, good fluidity, high biological activity, easy membrane hanging, good treatment effect and long service life.

At present, MBBR bio filter media mainly include three types, one is Linpor filler, which mainly uses polyurethane sponge as carrier, mainly used for municipal sewage system transformation; the second is Kaldnes filler, and the biological carrier is mostly made of polyethylene material, is the Pall ring structure;

Another kind of MBBR bio filter media is levapor filler. The advantage of this kind of filler is that its specific surface area is very large. LevaporMBBR is suitable for high concentration of refractory organic matter and high ammonia nitrogen and nitrate. It is mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other high concentrations ,difficult to degrade, high ammonia nitrogen organic wastewater treatment.