Treatment effect of stacked sludge dewatering machine

Treatment effect of stacked sludge dewatering machine

Jul 25, 2019

Since the snail sludge dewatering machine has entered the domestic sludge treatment field, it has been widely and widely used, and has been widely used in paper printing and dyeing, food processing, breeding and slaughtering, municipal sewage, oilfield chemical and other industries.

Why can the snail sludge dewatering machine be recognized by the industry in just a few years and become the leader in mechanical dewatering equipment? Mainly the stacking screw machine can significantly reduce the civil construction cost, operating cost and maintenance cost of the owner.

Civil construction cost: miniaturized design, easy to adapt to local conditions, small footprint. The stacking screw machine has the function of sludge concentration, which can directly treat the low-concentration sludge. It does not need to build a sludge thickening tank to reduce the overall land occupation and construction cost of the sewage treatment facility.

Operating cost: The stacking machine has a self-cleaning function and does not have to be flushed with a large amount of water to prevent clogging. The screw shaft runs at low speed, the motor power is small, and the power consumption is low. The equipment is highly automated, simple to operate, and reduces labor costs.

Maintenance cost: The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and is durable. Easy to replace parts, low frequency of daily maintenance. A qualified stacking machine can run smoothly for more than ten years.


The treatment effect of the sludge squeezing sludge dewatering machine is very obvious. The moisture content of the sludge is reduced by 10%, the volume is reduced by 2/3, the water content is reduced by 30%, and the volume is reduced by 6/7. The sludge is squeezed and dehydrated by the stacking machine, the volume of the sludge is reduced to one tenth of the original, and the liquid is converted into a solid state, which is convenient for transportation and consumption, and there is no leakage during transportation. It can meet the processing requirements of sludge reduction and stabilization. In addition, the snail sludge dewatering machine has a very good treatment effect on those oily sludges, while the plate frame, belt type and centrifugal dewatering machine are very easy to block the oily sludge treatment, and the treatment effect is not satisfactory.