Tube Type Bubble Diffuser has good acid and alkali resistance and uses

- May 18, 2018-

The surface of the Tube Type Bubble Diffuser has a hole in its circumference. When used, it can be aerated. When it is in operation, it will be effectively generated in the water. The whole product will have microbubbles, bubbles, even gas distribution, and high oxygen utilization. The soft aeration tube bulges during aeration and is crushed by the hydrostatic pressure when not aerated, to a certain extent to avoid sludge intrusion.

The Tube Type Bubble Diffuser has a wall thickness of only 2mm. When used, the airway is short and straight, and the air pressure loss is small. In the process of use, the pores of the soft aeration tube exhibit narrow and narrow slits whose width is within a certain range. The inside can be changed directly, and the inner surface of the hose is smooth and it is not easy to fix the biofilm.

The Tube Type Bubble Diffuser does not need air filtration equipment to a certain extent, and can stop aeration at any time during use. When the operation is stopped, the aeration time is not blocked regardless of the length of the assembly, and the installation flatness is low. In the bottom of the tank, the gas pipeline and the aeration pipeline are combined into one, no additional pipeline equipment is needed, and the price is lower than other microporous aerators.

Tube Type Bubble Diffuser has good acid and alkali resistance

Soft aeration tube can be crimped and packaged, small in size, easy to pack and transport.

The use of Tube Type Bubble Diffuser

1. Variable-aeration aeration hose can be widely used in petrochemical, textile, food, paper, printing and dyeing, brewing, pharmaceutical, tanning and other industrial wastewater and biochemical treatment of urban sewage.

2. When the efficiency of the operated aerator is low or the clogging is frequent, a variable-aperture aeration hose can be used to modify it to increase the oxygenation capacity and the agitation effect.

3. It is also used in aquaculture for circulating water, high-density farming systems, and common fish pond oxygenation.

4. For the aeration of the sewage conditioning tank, to prevent the sedimentation of large particles of sediment, and to remove part of the organic matter.

Tube Type Bubble Diffuser performance characteristics

1. The soft aeration tube is very convenient in the process of assembly. In the process of installation, the flatness requirement is low, and the gas aeration tube and the aeration tube are effectively combined in the bottom of the tank, and no additional pipeline is required. equipment.

2. It can be crimped and packaged with small size and low transportation costs.

3. Simple installation, low installation costs, no hidden danger of leakage.

4. The hose bulges when aerated, and is crushed when not aerated. When the flattening occurs, the variable pores are closed. Therefore, the time for stopping the aeration is not blocked regardless of the length of time.

5. Acid and alkali corrosion, no aging, no tearing, long service life.

6. The wall thickness of the hose is only 2mm, the airway is short and straight, and the air pressure loss is small. The inner and outer surfaces of the hose have a high degree of smoothness and do not adhere to the biofilm.