Types and advantages of diffuser aerator

Types and advantages of diffuser aerator

Jul 17, 2018

The diffuser aerator is a necessary device for aeration water supply and drainage.

According to the method of use, it can be divided into two types: surface aerator and underwater aerator. The following are commonly used diffuser aerator.


Diaphragm diffuser aerator

The advantages of this type of aerator are small bubble diameter, large gas-liquid interface area, uniform bubble diffusion and good corrosion resistance. In addition, problems such as clogging are not easily generated during use. Therefore, it can be used in the treatment of urban sewage, and the aeration tank can be operated intermittently.


Tubular aerator

On this type of aerator, a replacement diaphragm is used. If it is used in the wastewater treatment industry, it is a microporous aeration membrane because it has the advantages of high oxygen utilization rate and low energy consumption, and is versatile in the system.


Disc diffuser aerator

This type of aerator has the advantages of low installation cost, safe and reliable use, and good performance. It is designed with energy-saving design so that the working pressure can be adjusted according to the specifications of the aeration system. In addition, the diffuser aerator can be used with different diaphragm materials, and special diaphragm materials can be customized if special requirements are met.