Verification results of all aspects of k1 biological filter media

- Sep 29, 2018-

K1 biological filter media refers to a material that uses microorganisms with large pore size to intercept microorganisms. There are many kinds of retention factors, including inertial impact, interception and retention, Brownian diffusion, gravity sedimentation and electrostatic attraction. Filter media has also become an integral part of air purification.


At the same time, the k1 biofilter media can be used for advanced treatment of secondary biochemical effluent. The study found that when the actual sewage is treated, the quality of the effluent treated by the k1 biological filter medium will become more stable with the increase of the amount of methanol, thus reaching the corresponding standard.


In addition, the removal effect and characteristics of trace organic matter in drinking water source by k1 biological filter media were also studied. The results showed that k1 biofilter media can effectively remove trace organic pollutants from drinking water sources; the medium has certain effect on biological filtration. The influence can greatly remove organic substances such as benzoate esters, fatty acid esters and phenols.