What are the characteristics of variable Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser?

What are the characteristics of variable Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser?

Apr 13, 2018

Unlike ordinary aerators, the variable Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser is designed to slightly convexly arch the surface, while using ABS engineering plastic as the main body. Not only that, its diaphragm has a special imported rubber that resists appearance and is made by extraordinary processing, and its opening adopts imported numerically controlled knife opening, which greatly improves the quality and accuracy of the hole and fully guarantees the final Aeration effect.

When the Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser is oxygenated and aerated, four air supply slots are designed on the main plate surface, so that the air entering is buffered and sent directly to the center of the aeration head, so that the diaphragm can easily turn over with low resistance at one time. open. When the intake air film on the porous holes on their own expansion, to ensure that the air passes.

When the aeration of the Fine Bubble Diffuser is suspended, the variable pores on the aeration hose are blocked. Because the variable pores of the gas film expand and shorten by itself, it can effectively prevent long-term aeration. The micro hole is blocked. Secondly, a check valve is installed on the chassis of the aerator to prevent the inclusion liquid from entering the air distribution pipe when the pipe system stops supplying air, preventing the pipe from entering the liquid and being blocked.

As a result, the air entering the Bubble Diffuser does not require special filtration, and no infarct occurs even during intermittent aeration. All in all, the Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser has a series of advantages of small aeration bubbles, large gas-liquid area, average bubble dispersal, no hole obstruction, and strong erosion resistance.

After many years of use and technical improvements, a disc Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser was also developed on the basis of a Fine Bubble Diffuser, which solved the problem of discontinuity of the diaphragm, tearing of the diaphragm, and failure of the diaphragm to open. Problems such as sludge entering the bronchus played a good role.