What are the classifications of the structure of the screw sludge dewatering machine?

What are the classifications of the structure of the screw sludge dewatering machine?

Sep 03, 2020

Screw sludge dewatering machine is a kind of equipment that completes solid-liquid separation equipment. It is widely used in industrial production. Especially in the whole process of industrial production wastewater treatment, screw stacking machine is more commonly used. The whole dehydration process of the plate and frame filter press can be divided into four key links: preparation treatment, gravity dehydration, prestressed tension dehydration in the tapered zone, and press dehydration. Technology application brand-new machinery and equipment filter press program control automatic box-type screw stacking machine , Diaphragm screw stacking machine, deep sludge dewatering screw stacking machine, integrated wastewater and sludge disposal machinery and equipment, online high-precision filtration device and other affordable and reliable environmental protection products.

Classification of screw sludge dewatering machine:

According to the sound card frame and drum material and the difference of the machine and equipment structure, it can be divided into super heavy carbon (C) steel screw stacking machine and light stainless steel plate (stainless acid-resistant steel) plate frame extraction and dehydration integrated machine.

1. The sound card frame of the super heavy alloy steel screw stacking machine is large in size, the gravity dehydration district secretary, the roller diameter is large, the sound card frame and the roller are made of carbon steel materials for heavy corrosion protection (chǔ lǐ), and the sludge disposal volume is large. , Sufficient pressing, low water content of anaerobic granular sludge.

2. Light stainless steel plate and frame extraction and dehydration integrated machine. The entire equipment sound card rack and rollers are made of all metal materials, consisting of a sludge switching valve, a cylindrical screen (plate and frame) thickener and a plate and frame filter press server. The entire equipment The compact type (terse) is beautiful and elegant, has good continuous characteristics, and occupies a small area, suitable for the treatment of medium and low concentration sludge.

The structure and working attitude of each key component are briefly introduced below:

1, Sound card rack: The plate and frame filter press rack is mainly used for supporting points and fixing the press roll system and its components.

2, Press roller system: It is composed of rollers arranged in order from large to small in diameter. When the sludge is clamped by the upper and lower filter belts and successively passes through the squeezing rollers, a pressure gradient from small to large is generated under the effect of the supporting force of the filter belt, so that the squeezing force that the sludge is often subjected to during the whole process of dehydration continues to increase, and the moisture in the sludge is slow Slow resin adsorption.

3, Gravity zone dehydration equipment: The key is composed of the gravity zone fixed support and the material trough. The raw material after the inclined plate sedimentation tank loses a lot of water in the gravity zone, and the worse the circulation, which will give play to the advantages of the subsequent extrusion and dehydration.

4, Wedge zone dewatering equipment: The wedge zone generated by the left and right filter belts releases the working pressure of the clamped raw materials, and carries out pre-stressed tensile dehydration to consider the requirements of the moisture content and circulation of the raw materials in the press dehydration section.

5, Filter belt: It is a key component of the plate and frame filter press. The upper and lower filter belts are filtered substances (chemical substances that play a decision-making effect) in the whole process of separating the solid and liquid phases of the sludge. The tension of the lower filter belt bypasses the squeezing roll to obtain the squeezing force required to remove the moisture of the raw material.

6, Filter belt adjustment equipment: It is composed of implementing components: cylinder, adjusting roller data signal anti-standard air pressure, and circuit system. Its function is to adjust the direction deviation of the filter belt caused by various reasons such as uneven support force of the filter belt (expression: mutual driving force when the block is subjected to tensile force effect), roller installation deviation, uneven feeding, and so on. Ensure the continuity and reliability of the plate and frame filter press.

7, Filter belt cleaning equipment: It is composed of self-spraying device, cleaning water contact box and cleaning cover. When the filter belt moves, it continues to go through the cleaning equipment and is impacted by the working pressure water sprayed from the sprayer. The raw materials remaining on the filter belt are removed from the filter belt under the effect of the working pressure water, so that the filter belt is rebuilt. Prepare for the whole process of dehydration.

8, Filter belt tensioning equipment: It is composed of a tensioning cylinder, a tensioning roller and the same tissue. Its function is to tighten the filter belt and show the necessary support force standards for the production of the pressing force for the pressing and dewatering (Produce) , The adjustment of the size of the supporting force can be completed by adjusting the standard air pressure of the tensioning cylinder of the air pressure system.

9, Pouring equipment: It is composed of scraper board, knife table, pouring roller, etc. Its function is to separate the dewatered anaerobic granular sludge from the filter belt to achieve the purpose of pouring.

10, Gear transmission: It is composed of a motor, a reducer, and a transmission gear organization. It is the driving force for the filter belt to move, and can be adjusted according to the speed ratio of the reducer, taking into account the requirements of different belt speeds in the processing technology.

11, Air pressure system: The system software is mainly composed of power devices (air compressor tanks, motors, air pumps, etc.), electronic devices (cylinders (air compression)) and standard air pressure hydraulic control systems (including pressure controllers, The total flow of working pressure and the position pressure regulator). According to the standard air pressure hydraulic control system, the gas working pressure, total flow and direction are controlled to ensure that the standard air pressure implementation components have a certain torque and speed, and all work normally according to the scheduled procedure.