What are the excellent properties of the rotating bar screen?

- Nov 24, 2018-

Rotating bar screen is a special water treatment equipment that can continuously intercept and remove different debris in the fluid. It has been widely used in urban sewage treatment, water supply industry, power plant inlet, and also as textile and food processing. The pre-stage screening equipment in the wastewater treatment process of paper, leather and other industries is one of the most advanced solid-liquid screening equipments in China.

For the user, the biggest advantage of the  rotating bar screen is the high degree of automation and high separation efficiency. The equipment has low power consumption, no noise, good corrosion resistance, and can guarantee continuous in the unattended situation. Stable work. Coupled with an overload safety device, users can use it with confidence. In the event of a device failure, it can automatically shut down to avoid overloading the device.

According to different processing requirements, the rotating bar screen can be properly adjusted to achieve its periodic operation. The user can also automatically control according to the liquid level difference before and after the grille, and has manual control function for easy maintenance. Due to the reasonable structural design of the equipment, when the equipment is working, it has a strong self-cleaning ability and does not cause clogging, so the daily maintenance workload is small.